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iOS-6 update issues: If after update to iOS-6 home button not exit app,please press both HOME+POWER until reset and update to iPassSafe 5.10, also landscape in iPad not working it will be fixed soon


I tried to enter password "0000" first time I used iPassSafe (didn't enter data yet), but its not loging me in?

  • Please delete iPassSafe application from your device and install it from AppStore again (it will be free of pay), after that use again "0000" password as a first password.

Can iPassSafe auto login sites that are using captcha recognition?

  • No, captcha test is used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer.

If I don't remember or I loose my iPassSafe password, can I recover the data?

  • No, in order to prevent misusage and secure your data, iPassSafe password is not kept in the database.